King & Rook


Summer Time Suiting

Seersucker Fabric

Cool, soft, and unique. This fabric was designed to help one cope with the heat. A popular fabric in many hot climates, its distinct bumpy texture reduces the amount of fabric that touches the skin.


Keep in mind the following if you decide to purchase this summer fabric

  • It is generally considered too casual for any business setting

  • No ironing is required which makes it a great piece to travel with

  • Try to stay out of the rain with this cloth

  • You generally want to go with an unlined construction making it even cooler


Tropical Weight Superfine Wool

Loosely woven with fine wool fibers creates a very light weight fabric perfect for the summer heat. Roughly 6-8oz, you would barely notice you are wearing it. Feel every breeze blow through your jacket as you cool off


Keep in mind the following if you decide to purchase this summer fabric

  • Good for work, depending on pattern and colour (can visually pass off as a all season fabric)

  • Lighter colour fabrics may require unlined construction as fabric is transparent


Unlined Construction

Half lined or unlined suits are a very good way to stay cooler during the summer weather. With no lining the suit becomes lighter and their is one less piece of fabric the air needs to pass before touching your skin or heat leaving your body. This type of suit construction can be applied to all fabrics, (seersucker / tropical wool / all season). The style of the suit remains the same and you can hardly tell that the suit is unlined.

In an unlined suit exposes the quality of sewing and is a neat way to see how suits are constructed underneath. The best unlined suits will also be fully canvassed and you can easily tell if it is by simply looking.

Keep in mind the following if you decide to go with an unlined suit

  • great for working in the summer because nobody would be able to tell that the suit is unlined

  • Will keep you extra cool in the summer time if you apply this to summer fabrics

  • Keep in mind that alterations to any unlined suits can sometimes cost extra due to the piping done on exposed edges of the suit


Full Canvas Suits

One of the many advantages of a full canvas suit is how it promotes air flow. When a suit has glue in the body (half canvas / bonded suits), the glue fills up the natural openings of the fabric. That is like closing the openings of your AC unit. With full canvas construction the horse hair is independently floating in your suit allowing air to flow through the openings.

Keep in mind the following when you get a full canvas suit

  • It generally cost more to have a fully canvassed suit

  • their are different weight classes of canvas, the lighter ones are best for the summer
  • Suits with glue in the suit will absorbed your sweat and smell much faster than a fully canvassed one. Making you visit the dry cleaners more frequently