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Winter Time Suiting


With the cold chill in the air, you know that the inevitable has come upon us. So far we've been lucky with the Fall but with the temperatures plunging more each day it is important to stay warm. Here are a few ways to stay warm during the winter cold.



This fabric was made specifically for the great outdoors. With insulating properties that protect the wearer from the cold it is also designed to be resistant to wind and water. A bit more rough to the touch but definitely worth it to keep warm during the very cold times. Tweed is on the heavier end of the suit scale, but if that doesn't bother you this is an excellent fabric this Winter.



Built for the winter but with luxury in mind, flannel suit fabrics can be as heavy as tweed but feel much softer against the skin. Flannel suits have a more work appropriate feel when worn in an office.

HEAVY WOOL10z to 12oz

These fabrics follow the same milling process as the usual all season suits. However with the simple difference that the strands are thicker and bring on more weight. A small difference can go a long way during the winter months, however these suits are not as warm as the previous two fabrics mentioned. With a heavy wool fabric you can feel the difference in warmth throughout the day and can still be work inside heated rooms. This fabric can even be worn during spring and fall without feeling too hot as well. It is a good balance if you need more flexibility with your wardrobe.


Flannel shirts, much like flannel suits are much thicker than your ordinary garment. With the added weight comes greater insulation. Not everyone wants to buy a new Winter suit, but flannel shirts are a good way to still keep in the warmth during the winter. Most flannel shirts come in interesting colours and patterns so it can be a bit of a challenge allowing it to match your suit, but when you need to stay warm it is well worth the effort.



Wear an extra layer of clothes under your suit. This method is very simple and can make you look very stylish. A simple cardigan or vest over your dress shirt and under your blazer looks great and will keep you very warm. Note that if your suits are fairly tight to begin with wearing an extra layer may make the suit look ill fitting. Ideally the suit that you will be wearing has a bit of give so that an extra layer won't distort the silhouette.

Stay warm this winter Canada!

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